15 responses to “Countdown

  1. steve

    Wala pa sa listahan ang “suman” and its varieties.
    Meron pa ‘yung binalot sa dahon ng niyog …. nakalimutan ko ang pangalan sa tagalog pero sa amin – patupat.
    Also, the Philippine Cultural Center – okay lang ‘to maski gali ka sa adminitrasyon ni McCoy…he he he…. basta huwag mo lang ilalagay
    yung ‘Wiltower” … galit ako sa taong ‘yun….. masyadong lumaki ang ulo.

    I like the “Kano-nized” part. It’s like describing the mexican as “chicano” – intsik daw sa Mexico…
    he he he

  2. steve

    Leo, ‘eto pa ang dalawa…..
    check out the Sleeping Beauty Mountains of Tinglayan, Kalinga and also the Chico River….they’re magnificent and beatiful.

    Good luck, my friend.

  3. nakasama na ba ang BALOT? ^^,
    amazing blog by the way!

  4. may entry na pala about balut ^^

    extra suggestions…larong pambatang pinoy:
    – laban ng gagamba
    – tansan
    – dyolen / holen
    – piko
    – langit lupa
    – nanay tatay

    …or classic pinoy songs:
    – bahay kubo
    – tong tong tong alimango
    – close open??? hehe

    more power sa blog mo! ^__^

  5. pahabol…BAHAY KUBO ^^

  6. Ricky

    your site is great!!! nice job..

    can i grab some, to post on my newly created blog…of course credit goes to you..thank you.

    btw, you can add in your list :’ll see them everywhere..

  7. Do you mind if I share on Facebook? My very large family are Filipino Americans and, unfortunately, don’t know much about the Philippines except for food and mah jong! i intend to read all of your posts.

  8. …omg you’re cool and awesome…i’m currently posting pinoy stuff on my blog…may i use some of your stuff?…thanks so much…

  9. Stephen

    This site is really neat I like it. Thanks.

  10. Pachot Villanueva

    we enjoyed your collection! and i learned something new… katuray! 🙂 where can we find that? If you want to update your list, you might want to consider the Butanding!!!
    Great job! Mabuhay ang 365 great pinoy stuff!

  11. Arnel Soriano

    Very nice blog, Proud to be Pinoy!

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