#22 Boracay

Despite the frenzied hotel-apartment complex development in the last few decades, rare is the visitor who fails to be enamored with Boracay. When it comes to great sunsets, cream-colored, powdery soft beach sands, spectacular diving and pure, pure bliss… Boracay easily tops the A- list.

This butterly-shaped island in Central Philippines, located off Panay Island in Western Visayas, has consistently drawn both local and international visitors. Sadly, the local government has allowed the hardcore commercialization of this island a free reign. Result: irreversible impact on the environment (waste dumping) and the local population who, while grateful with tourism income, has to deal with dire socio-political consquences.

And yet if one needs a memorable escape from city life, Boracay is the most accessible among the many fabulous beach island destinations in the Philippines, many of which are better left alone, far from the eroding influences of Big Money Tourism.

Some simple pleasures in this island: waking up to the blinding whiteness of the main beach, a riot of colors at sunset or enjoying a glass of fresh mango juice while watching the world go by.

Hopefully, the native people of Boracay will retain their charming, gentle nature, and that the environment (cross our fingers here) will survive the onslaught of creeping/creepy commercialisation.

Mabuhay ang Boracay!

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