#135 Pabitin

Hands up for the pabitin

Pabitin (Filipino for “to dangle”) is a fiesta game for children where sweets, candies and cheap toys are attached to colorful strings on a trellis made of bamboo.

The trellis is lowered and then pulled up as children attempt to snatch goodies hanging from the bamboo contraption.

The game is meant to tease and coax children to snatch up for the goods, a contest of persistence and physical height or the ability to jump and snatch at the right time. Could the pabitin contest provides a good reason why Filipinos are masters in seizing opportunities? But pray that this trait does not thrive among Pinoy politicians!

The pabitin is often played during the festive month of May, which is known among Catholic Filipinos as Flores de Mayo.

Mabuhay ang pabitin!

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