#35 Taal Lake and Volcano

Taal Lake and Volcano is one of the most accessible sights that first-time visitors to the Philippines can visit. The lake and volcano can be viewed or reached from the towns of Talisay and San Nicolas in Batangas province, Northern Luzon island.

The volcano complex, one of the most active in the Philippines, consists of an island in Lake Taal, which is situated within a caldera formed by an earlier, very powerful eruption. Taal Volcano has erupted violently several times over the last 300 years with the current death toll (ref: Wikipedia) estimated at 5,000 to 6,000 people. The volcano was once considered as “a volcano inside a volcano” because people believed that the lake that circles the volcano was once a crater or mouth of a volcano.

One of the most popular views of the lake and volcano is from the Tagaytay Ridge which is about 50 kilometres south of Manila. The best viewing times are at early morning or late afternoon when the morning mist or the afternoon sunset impart a breathtaking, panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and shoreline. Tagaytay Ridge is also known for its roadside fruit vendors where native fruits and sweets are arranged and sold to passing tourists.

For the more adventurous and those with plenty of time, a trek or a donkey ride to the volcano itself is worth the effort. Hiring an outrigger boat from Talisay or joining a group excursion to the volcano are the most convenient options. Visitors will be rewarded with a fun  donkey ride and an awesome view of the volcano’s caldera.

Mabuhay ang Taal!

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