#316 Frog Purse

Trust the Pinoy to combine the unusual with the practical and you have the Frog Purse, a rather hideous looking coin purse that one sees hanging in many souvenir and tourist shops across the Philippines.

Obviously makers of this unusual purse have a taste for uncommon materials, making good use of frog skin and anatomy to create a memorable purse.  

Whatever the arguments for or against this object, the purse actually serves a very practical function and is a funny piece of accessory to startle or surprise the squeamish among us. Indeed, let your money do the croaking….

Long live Pinoy resourcefulness!


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4 responses to “#316 Frog Purse

  1. Mavic

    Gosh, Joel!

    Where does one find this frog purse? Out of this world!



  2. Naomi

    As if we needed to find another use for gutting and skinning a helpless creature in the name of fashion? Wake up people! Humans cannot continue to use animals however they want, in bad taste and in a terrible lack of empathy for the other animals we share this planet with. Soon, we will be without these species to mutilate. Frogs are increasingly becoming endandgered/extinct due to human inflicted stressess.

  3. SE Lovett

    In Australia the cane toad is an unwanted invader that is taking over native habitats and overpopulating. Perhaps better a purse. . .

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