#110 Sundot kulangot

Sundot kulangot (literally “poke the snot”) is a bizarre but funny name for a simple Philippine candy that is packaged in small, nutty shells. Patience is needed to coax the enjoyment out of this rather esoteric candy.

The taste and texture of sundot kulangot is similar to the more popular matamis na bao or coconut jam. Sticky and sweet (like the coco jam), the rather absurd name ‘sundot kulangot’ obviously refers to the tedious way one has to open and eat (or sample) this candy. Sample or sampling  since the nutty shell only contains a teeny-weeny bit or less than a thumb size portion of the coco-jammy substance. One has to literally poke the sticky stuff out of the unusual packaging, similar to poking one’s nose for … you-know-what!

Sundot kulangot is becoming a rarity among Philippine candies but can still be found in traditional public markets particularly in northern Luzon such as in Baguio city where heaps of sundot kulangot are piled waist high among the bananas, mangoes and other garden produce.

Mabuhay ang sundot kulangot!


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4 responses to “#110 Sundot kulangot

  1. I don’t like this food so much, but I love it’s name.

  2. luisa

    saan mo nakuha ito? surprised naman ako, hahaha!
    how labour-intensive to prepare a pack, for sure!

    • Hello Luisa, PinoyTransplant,

      What strikes me with our Pinoy snacks and candies is the cooking or preparation almost always involves complex processes or tedious packaging. That certainly says something about us as a people. That we are patient to the max! How else can we put up with dictatorships or fumbling/corrupt government leaders? Is this patience, however, a fault or a virtue?

  3. kris

    just wondering who named this food 🙂

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