#57 Movie Posters

Philippine movie posters are almost a breed apart and can provide a whole range of dissertation topics to socio-anthropologists dissecting the mores, twists and turns of Pinoy psychology.

Particularly in Metro Manila where the Philippine movie industry is based, giant movie posters span across and almost occupy the facades of whole buildings, walls and gargantuan billboards creating a riot of eye-popping colors. Expertly rendered and executed by commercial artists, these giant paintings can be considered a distinct sort of pop-art expression, ranging from the cheeky, tacky, pedestrian, erotic to the horrendously comic.

The increasing use of photographic posters, however, are slowly eroding the use of handpainted movie posters and slogans, although some areas in downtown Manila still display the handpainted versions.

When caught in Manila’s notorious traffic, take a few minutes to ogle and enjoy these giant movie posters and marvel at the artists’ expertise in rendering faces and emotions with their painterly flourishes.

Long live Pinoy movie posters!

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