#109 Calatagan

Sunset at Calatagan

Calatagan in Batangas province, Luzon island, is a peninsula located between the South China Sea and Balayan Bay. The peninsula’s white sand beaches are popular vacation and leisure sites for Manila’s rich and famous.

There are several beach resorts including the art-filled guesthouse called Banak House Calatagan, the Ronco Beach Resort,  the Playa Calatagan in Sta. Ana, the Golden Sunset Resort in Uno and the Lago de Oro Resort where one can go wakeboarding.

An extremely rare example of pre-Spanish Philippine script was found in Calatagan. The script is called Baybayin in Tagalog, and was derived from Javanese writing, which in turn is derived from Brahmi. This writing survives on an earthenware burial jar dated approximately from the early 13th or 14th centuries.

Known as the vacation haven of elite Philippine families with its posh resorts and golf clubs, the main town of Calatagan has retained its old Spanish provincial charm and laidback ambience. Beach bums, nature lovers, or those with a taste for archaeological adventure will enjoy Calatagan for its historical relics and religious folk art.

Mabuhay ang Calatagan!

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  1. luisa

    we had our hs bivouac there in the 1970s! slept in tents for a few nights.

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