#210 Amanpulo Resort

Chances are only people with very deep pockets has stepped into Amanpulo in Pamalican Island in Palawan. Amanpulo is known for what many call as the most exclusive resort in the Philippines.

Judging by the superlatives found in sleek magazine articles and guidebooks which range from ‘ultra-exclusive,’ to ‘paradise on earth,’ Amanpulo Resort is, sadly, well-guarded and off-limits to the teeming masses. Amanpulo sits on its own reef-encircled island and comprises just 40 luxury casitas (including 29 beachfront bungalows and 4 treetop casitas)  set on the hillside or close to the beach.

The going rate- and this may have already been jacked up to reflect current prices- is supposedly P40,000 per night or a whooping $900 to $1,000 per person, per night . If you have still not fallen from your seat and is not heading for the nearest exit door, then you could burn your combined inheritance and pension money here and say to yourself that have joined the likes of Madonna, David Copperfield, Claudia Schiffer and Robert de Niro who were previous guests in this ultra-ultra exclusive resort.

Amanpulo fans claim that this exclusive spot on earth has one of the finest sand in Palawan. And think of private butlers at your beck and call, a beach casita with your own private beach, fresh fruits jetted from across the Philippines and other luxuries. Travelling to Amanpulo is easy because there is only one way to get in and out of there- via chartered plane from Manila. Yes, the paid pampering begins right on your arrival.

Mabuhay ang Palawan!

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