#262 Malolos Mestizo District

Ancestral house in Malolos Mestizo District (Photo from Traveller on Foot blogspot)

After the declaration of the Philippine Independence in Kawit, Cavite, General Emilio Aguinaldo moved the seat of first Philippine government to Malolos in Bulacan province. This district of Malolos has since become known as the Mestizo District where ancestral houses located near the town plaza bear witness to the town’s Spanish colonial era.

Aguinaldo also established various government offices in this district for the First Philippine Republic from September 10, 1898 to March 29, 1901. Today these so-called bahay-na-bato (stone houses) ancestral homes house commercial establishments. Unfortunately the lack of city planning and central authority to oversee the protection of these historical buildings has led to either the destruction of these buildings to give way to developers or the lack of maintenance.

One can, however, visit the few remaining buildings such as the Arcadio Ejercito and Adriano houses along Pariancillo Street, the Bautista house on Sto. Nino Street and the Carcel or former jailhouse across the Adriano building.

It would be a waste to see these historical buildings being demolished for modern developers or go to seed when they are witnesses to the nation’s early nationhood. Hopefully, both local and national authorities will take more serious action to protect historical districts such as the Malolos Mestizo enclave. (From: Traveler on Foot blogspot and other sources)

Mabuhay ang Malolos Mestizo District!

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