#298 Adidas

Not the sport shoe maker, but a popular street food often found sold by food and snack vendors right on busy sidewalks. Adidias is chicken feet or claws that are grilled and sold cheaply as ‘snack-on-the-go.’

Although not all Pinoys are big fans of Adidas, this chicken delight has survived the years and remains a top money earner for small street vendors. With little capital, food vendors grill Adidas or chicken claws and topped it with sauce for a quick tummy filler. The name ‘Adidas’ is said to refer to “three toes, three stripes” (of the well-known shoe maker). Or could it be the leathery feel one gets when biting on the grilled chicken claws? Who knows… In any case, fastfood Pinoy style can be imaginative, cheap and available 24-7.

Mabuhay ang Pinoy street food!


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2 responses to “#298 Adidas

  1. Josef O.

    Ah…I remember these from my childhood. Nakakamis naman….

    Hey, you should do an article on the Kadayawan Festival of Davao! :]

  2. Josef O, thanks for the tip and for checking out 365 GPS!

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