#92 Puto’t Kutsinta

Combi rice cakes: puto (left) and kutsinta

Puto at kutsinta (steamed rice cakes) are snack favorites in the Philippines, and are actually two different kinds of rice cakes. Puto is a generic rice cake using finely milled rice flour, mixed with coconut milk and gently steamed on Chinese-styled bamboo bowls.

Puto is artificially colored (optional) except for the light green ones which are flavored with pandan extract. The cakes are also topped with a small chunk or slice of cheese for accent.

Kutsinta (or cuchinta) is cooked with small amounts of lye-colored water and is lightly sweet and neutral in taste. These two rice cakes are often served or sold together as they complement and make a hearty snack. Topped with grated coconut and served on fresh banana leaves, nothing beats puto’t kutsinta for a real taste of native or traditional Pinoy snacks.

Mabuhay ang puto’t kutsinta!


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2 responses to “#92 Puto’t Kutsinta

  1. please try to send me a copy of all your recipies.thank you.more power!

  2. colorful yummy-ness! 🙂 I just want to let you know that I’ve reposted the photo in this post w/ credit of course. I hope that’s ok.

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