#158 Ginisang Munggo

Ginisang munggo (sauteed mungo beans) is a favorite and classic Filipino soup that can also be served as a separate dish by itself.

There are several variants to ginisang munngo, but the classic recipe is made with dried green mung beans (soaked in water overnight), crushed garlic, onions, small shrimps, diced tomatoes, vegetable oil, fish sauce and pepper to taste. The variant recipes would add garnishing or other ingredients such as pork rind, bits of pork flesh, some vegetables greens, etc…

Having a hot bowl of ginisang munggo, fried rice and slivers of fried tuyo on a rainy day brings back memories of a tropical moonsoon weather when the winds are blowing– a season or time for the ultimate comfort food!

Long live Philippine cooking!

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