#36 Cebu Mangoes

It has been said that the best mangoes (mangga in Filipino) in the Philippines can be found in Cebu. True or not, Cebu has a reputation of growing some of the best, sweetest and juiciest varieties of the Philippine mango. And there was a time when the province was amongst the biggest exporters (mainly to Japan) of the bigger, quality varieties that even locals have a hard time getting their hands on.

There are many varieties of mangoes in the Philippines and it has been reported that a book of records (Guinness?) had once described the Philippine variety called “Carabao” as the sweetest in the world.

An all-season fruit, mangoes are available in the Philippines throughout the whole year. But mango aficionados tell of the importance of picking or harvesting the fruit at the right way and time. Mangoes mature after three months and a half from the time its flower blooms. According to mango insiders, the fruit is at its best when carefully handpicked while still green and harvested between 9am- 3pm to prevent rapid exudation of the latex.

In any case, the mango is a versatile fruit and is used in a variety of Philippine desserts such as pies, sherbets, ice cream, candies and preserves. Visitors are advised to try the Philippine mango,  the best of which contain a sliver-thin seed, juicy flesh and the sweetest, perhaps, the world over.

Mabuhay ang Mangga!


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2 responses to “#36 Cebu Mangoes

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  2. I love, just love Philippine mangoes! In our stores you mostly buy mangoes from Africa, and their really okay. But once you’ve tasted these ones… Well they’re just something else.

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