#23 Bagoong

Bagoong (pronounced as BAH-GO-ONG) is fermented fish or shrimp paste ( a variant called bagoong alamang), a ubiquitous sauce, side dish or accompaniment in the Filipino kitchen table.

Foreigners or the non-iniatated may find the smell repulsive, but it takes only a few tries to find and locate the yumminess of this saucy paste especially when eaten with Filipino meat dishes such as kare-kare, pinakbet (vegetable dish) or with green mangoes as a zesty salad. Bet your 10 dollars you’d be guaranteed finger-linking goodness!

Although on the salty side, bagoong adds a distinct flavor to common dishes. So be careful with the cooking measurements as this sauce might sharpen the saltiness of your dish.

Again in popular lingo, bagoong has its contributions such as in the expression: “Nabagoong ang ekonomiya ng Pilipinas dahil kay GMA.”  Translation: The Philippine economy has stagnated (na-bagoong) because of GMA (Gloria Macapapagal-Arroyo, sitting-duck president).

For Filipinos this is an unmissable sauce on their table, and is often brought to the farthest corners of the world as a tasty souvenir from the homeland.   

Mabuhay ang bagoong!


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3 responses to “#23 Bagoong

  1. from the most beautifull town in Holland

    when i see this food i get hungry.
    Joel I am impressed by the way you write.

    • kesfan

      …apart from the fact that he is clearly bias in his writings. There is nothing wrong with stating ones dislike of a person is they feel the need to, but it needs to be applied in a more appropriate time and place in which to state these statements. 365 Great Pinoy Stuff is a blog that promotes everything that is good and beautiful about the Philippines, not the other way round.

  2. Pangasinan’s Bagoong is the best bagoong you could found in the philippines!

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