#76 Ensaymada

Another food item adapted by Filipinos from the long list of Spanish delicacies, the Philippine ensaymada is derived from the Majorcan ensaïmada.

While the “ensaïmada de Mallorca”  is made with strong flour, water, sugar, eggs, mother dough and pork lard,  in the Philippines the local ensaymada has evolved over the centuries into a type of brioche made with butter instead of lard, and topped with sugar and grated cheese (usually aged Edam cheese known locally as queso de bola).

Upscale versions of ensaymada are topped with butter cream. Ensaymada is available throughout the Philippines with the quality depending on the baker or shop. A popular snack item among Filipinos ensaymada is best eaten when fresh and with hot chocolate, particularly during the Christmas season when temperatures are cooler than normal.

Mabuhay ang ensaymada!


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3 responses to “#76 Ensaymada

  1. Donna

    ay uu kahit saang bakery o kanto mabibili yan sa Philippines 🙂 Masarap yan sa kape ahihihi!

  2. Mavic

    My favorite. when I was small my mom used to bring us Luisa and Sons ensaymada –with ham and tons of cheese. What a treat!

    Supermelt ensaymada used to be very good…I tried them again the last time I was there in October 2009…they’re not as good as before. Have you tried this ensaymada that’s supposed to cost P1.000 + each? Apparently a favorite of the rich and famous. What could be the ingredients of such ensaymada????

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