#147 Anting-Anting

Anting-anting for sale in Quiapo

When it comes to “anting-anting” (talisman) the Filipino is not in short supply of secret powders and objects that protect the owner or wearer from the evil eye, misfortunes and sundry calamities.

Just visit the sidewalks along Quiapo Church in Manila and one sees a row of vendors selling anting-anting in various shapes, sizes, forms and quality that suit one’s needs and demands. The supertitious tradition remains alive through the centuries and has securely rooted itself in the Filipino psyche despite the inroads Christianity has made in the last 600 years in the archipleago.

There are a variety of talismans ranging from shark’s teeth, magic bullets to bronze necklace hangers of the infant Jesus. The anting-anting as object is a throve of mystic and folkloric art that teases the eye and the imagination. Thus in anting-anting folklore the fears, hopes and optimistic bravado of the Pinoy simmer and surface in a fascinating brew limited only by one’s belief or conviction.

Mabuhay ang anting-anting!


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2 responses to “#147 Anting-Anting

  1. May tito akong may anting-anting. Sumalo siya ng bala……ayun, patay.

  2. matagal ko na pong gusto magkaroon ng agimat o anting anting.upang magkaroon ako ng proteksyon.tulad po ng aking ama meron po siya pero d nya sanasabi sakin.tuwing gagamitin nya ito ay bigla syang nagiging invisible para bang nawawala sa paningin mu.
    ako nga po pala si JOMER S. BAYOT MULA SA AMADEO,CAVITE

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