#127 Adobong Kangkong

Adobong kangkong (water spinach) used to known as the poor-man’s spinach in the Philippines probably because the plant thrives in swampy waters.

Adobo is a Spanish type of meat stew that is popular in the Filipino kitchen but adapted with a Filipino twist, i.e, the generous use of garlic that adds a tastier nuance to the Filipino adobo. Adobong kangkong also uses the same ingredients of the adobo stew such as onions, garlic, soya sauce, vinegar and bits of pork (optional). For those with a taste for spicy meals, hot siling labuyo or peppers can be added to the cooked kangkong. Fried garlic bits can be used as topping or garnish.

Today, the lowly kangkong is now served in maintstream restaurants. Best eaten or served with steamed or fried rice, adobong kangkong is a favorite of many Filipinos and even non-Filipinos familiar to Philippine cooking.

Bon appetit!


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4 responses to “#127 Adobong Kangkong

  1. donna

    Mas masarap ang kangkong sa spinache – nakakagutom naman ito

  2. luisa

    i agree with donna!

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