#10 Mayon Volcano

Mayon Volcano is the Philippines’ most active volcano and is considered to be the world’s most perfectly formed volcano for its symmetrical cone.  Located in Albay province, Mayon has had 49 eruptions in recorded history with the first recorded major eruption in 1616. In 1814, more than 1,200 people were killed as lava buried the town of Cagsawa.

Mayon is located 10 kilometres from the Gulf of Albay and rises 2,462 m (8,077 ft) above the gulf.  At present the volcano is erupting and in mid-December last year, almost 460 earthquakes in the volcano were monitored everyday.

Experts say it may be building up to a larger hazardous eruption.

If it does, it would be good if Mayon could blast away several undesirable characters in Philippine politics just like Pinatubo did when it shuttered down for good the US military bases in Subic and Olongapo in 1991.

Mabuhay ang Mayon!


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2 responses to “#10 Mayon Volcano

  1. luisa

    you got a nice photo there! i was in bicol in the late 1990s, also saw the remains of cagsawa church.

  2. crestia

    i see the beautiful mayon every single day. on my way to work, on my way back home, going to the mall, etc., etc. and yet i never and never will grow tired of looking at her. she takes on different hues all through out the day. the best time too see her in green is between 9 in the morning to about 3 in the afternoon. after that she just has this sort of iridescence about her that’s difficult to explain. i could go on and it wouldn’t stop at how the site of her spewing gargantuan rock is a such thrilling shock to the senses. it is sad however how most albayanos take her for granted thinking that she’s constantly there so there aren’t a lot of us who still stop to just admire her beauty.

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