#317 Locot-Locot

Locot-locot (pronounced as “Lo-KOT-Lo-KOT”) is a rice-based, fried pastry that originated and is popular in Zamboanga del Sur province, Mindanao, southern Philippines.

Delightfully crispy when freshly fried, locot-locot is made up of rice galapong or finely milled rice with a smooth and fluid consistency. The fluid galapong is then scooped into a coconut shell with holes and the galapong or fluid mixture is dripped slowly into a flat frying pan. The noodle-thin rice sticks that are slowly formed into a thin sheet and rolled (locot-locot means ‘ to fold’) is gently fried. This is slow-cooking at its best, and the resulting rice pastry is similar in taste to the Spanish churros.

Zamboangenos eat the locot-locot with local coffee or chocolate drink, again similar to eating churros dipped into a cup of hot chocolate. Due to the labor-intensive process of making locot-locot this pastry is facing tough competition from other local and imported sweets, and is threatened with extinction.

Mabuhay ang locot-locot!


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2 responses to “#317 Locot-Locot

  1. Mavic

    Hey Joel,

    I’ve never tried locot locot but they loo yummy and sinful!



  2. Locot – Locot is the only pastry that I looked forward to eat specially during Ramadan season…..I miss locot-locot

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