#202 Manila Ocean Park

The Manila Ocean Park is an oceanarium located in Manila, owned and operated by China Oceanis Philippines, a Singaporean-registered firm that operates four oceanariums in China (From Wikipedia).

The park is located behind the Quirino Grandstand at Rizal Park and opened on March 2008. With a floor space of 8,000 square metres (86,000 sq ft) the Manila oceanarium is larger than the Sentosa Underwater World oceanarium in Singapore.

Seven sections comprise the park with Flow (a rainforest motif complete with 8 tanks of freshwater fishes); The Reef (exhibition of artificial corals in 48 tanks); Fishing Ground (features big fish and eagle-spotted rays in a long tank); Living Ocean- the main attraction of the oceanarium- is a 25-meter long walkway acrylic tunnel with a 220-degree curved acrylic walls similarly seen in other ocean parks in Asia; The Deep showcases marine animals found in the deepest parts of the Philippine waters; Sting Ray features a variety of rays in an unique overhang tank, and the section Shark features several species of Philippine shark.

Long live Philippine marine life!


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2 responses to “#202 Manila Ocean Park

  1. luisa

    should be worth a visit next time we go home!

  2. dhay

    it`s good for our country, tourism rate goes high and it is a sign that we are not behind the world.

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