#235 Turrones de Casoy

Turrones de Casoy, (right) nougat and casoy filling

Turrones de Casoy (cashew nut nougat) is one variety amongst many turrones-based sweets made in various provinces in the Philippines.

As the name implies turrones sweets in the Philippines could have been originally inspired by turron-type of candies brought or introduced in the Philippines during the Spanish colonial time. Turrones de casoy comes from Pampanga province in central Luzon island, and is a popular gift or souvenir item for visitors.

This candy is made of nougat slivers, crushed cashew nuts and honey. Formed in thin finger-length slivers, they are wrapped in wafer -like rice paper sheets and rolled. The neutral rice paper serves not only as wrapper but also accents the sweet , crunchy and nutty filling. Great accompaniment for coffee and tea.

Bon appétit!

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