#95 Relenong Bangus

Relenong bangus (stuffed milk fish) is a classic fish dish and a special treat in the Filipino kitchen table.

Probably derived from similar Spanish stuffed dishes, the bony milk fish is carefully deboned, the flesh separated from the finest fish bone ( certainly a tedious work for the cook!).

Chopped onions, diced carrots, peas, seasoning and other ingredients are stir-fried with the deboned fish, and when done are stuffed back into the fish. The skins are then carefully stitched back together. Tootpicks in place of stitching can be used, but chances are that during the frying, the skin can break and filling can burst out. The fish, iuncluding the head and tail, is wrapped in fresh banana leaves and charcoal grilled. Deep fry is a more convenient option but makes the fish greasier and less tasty.

The cooked dish is garnished with greens or fried sausages (optional). Stuffed milkfish is often cooked during special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas and other festivities. But on ordinary days relenong bangus is certainly a yummy treat for the whole family.

Bon apetiit!


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3 responses to “#95 Relenong Bangus

  1. Mavic

    Yummy! I used to make this myself. Unfortunately, there are no fresh bangus where I live in New York.

    Thanks for keeping us connected to our culture, Joel.

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