#207 Basilica de San Martin de Tours

Basilica de San Martin de Tours (Taal Cathedral) is considered as the largest in Asia and the biggest church in the Philippines. San Martin de Tours is the Patron Saint of Taal with the feast day celebrated on November 11.

The church was first built by the priest Diego Espina in 1575 in present day San Nicolas but abandoned in 1754 due the eruption of Taal and rebuild in 1755.  An earthquake severely damaged the chruch in 1849. Construction of the present church was started in 1856 supervised by architect Luciano Oliver.

The Taal Basilica is famous for its high ceilings, ornate chandeliers and unusual baroque facade which consists of a single mass of stone shaped into rich complex designs. The church, however, is a fusion of styles with arched openings, alternating segmental canopies and arches of assymmetric shapes. It stands 96 meters high and 45 meters wide and is situated on a plateau in the heart of Taal in Batangas province.

Mabuhay ang Basilica de San Martin de Tours!

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