#234 Tinolang Manok


Tinolang manok or chicken ginger stew is a Filipino dish that many Filipinos would associate with their mother’s cooking or a classic homemade dish that is loved by many.

A soup-based dish served as an appetizer or main entrée, this dish is traditionally cooked with boiled wedges of unripe or green papaya, chilli pepper leaves in broth flavoured with chunks of crushed ginger, onions and fish sauce. A common variant is pork, chayote instead of papaya or moringa leaves, known in the Philippines as malunggay, as substitute for the chilli or pepper leaves.

Tinola could have originated in the late 1800s. The tinolang manok dish was also referenced in Noli Me Tangere, a novel written by Jose Rizal, known as the Philippines’ national hero.

Bon appétit!


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2 responses to “#234 Tinolang Manok

  1. luisa

    yummy, yummy!

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