#60 Espasol

Espasol is a cylinder-shaped milled rice cake from Laguna province in southern Luzon island.

Espasol fans disagree where in Laguna one can buy the best-tasting espasol. Having lived and studied in Los Baños, this blogger can testify to tasty espasol in Los Baños but others insist that those made in Alaminos, Pagsanjan and Nagcarlan are better or tastier. 

Whatever the case maybe, espasol is made from milled rice or rice flour cooked in coconut milk, stirred slowly in low fire, sweetened with tender coconut strips, and dusted with toasted rice flour. It has a sweet-nutty taste and is best consumed when freshly cooked. Rolled in banana leaves fresh espasol acquires or has the tangy scent of the banana leaves.

The rice flour dusting on espasol however can be a small nuisance since it can give your face or lips, shirt or clothes a fine dusting of rice flour making you look like you have the Joker smile in a Batman film. But taste-wise, espasol is a tasty Pinoy snack one should try,

Mabuhay ang espasol!


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2 responses to “#60 Espasol

  1. I love espasol. Few years back, we brought some and carry it in our luggage in the plane. They opened our bags and thought it was some kind of explosives with its powdery substance. I almost have to eat them in front of the TSA officers just to prove that they are not dangerous substance.

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