#11 Halo Halo

Halo-halo ( ‘mix-mix’ ) is a popular Philippine dessert consisting mainly of finely-shaved ice and a delightful concoction of preserved sweets such as young shredded coconut, beans, boiled banana chunks, macapuno, sago, gelatin and topped with crispy popped rice and a glob of ice cream, among other yummy tidbits.

There are several versions on how this dessert came about in the Pinoy kitchen table, but some would say that it could have been originally a Japanese-styled ice dessert made popular during the 1940s.

In any case, a visit to the Philippines, where the sun’s heat demands refreshments like the halo-halo, is not complete without trying out this ice-based dessert which is available or served by the lowly streetfood vendor, fastfood chains to chic hotel restaurants. One could even ‘assemble’ one’s version of a halo-halo in restaurant buffets where the sweet tidbits are individually presented. Providing proof  of the Filipino sweet tooth, some may dislike the combination of ice and sweetness.

But locals and Filipino expatriates swear to the halo-halo experience which, like the jeepney and other Philippine icons, reflects the Filipino’s talent to fuse, improvise, adapt or even improve on other people’s food and flavors.

Mabuhay ang Pinoy!


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23 responses to “#11 Halo Halo

  1. luisa

    i love halu-halo!

  2. Donna

    saraaaaaaaaaaap yan…kahit na winter!

  3. Who would not love halo-halo? It’s a very delightful dessert I might say.

  4. Mavic

    Ahhhhhhhhh! Halo-halo with leche flan, ube and ice cream on top. Heaven on earth is its only equivalent. …I’ve always thought of hosting a halo-halo party. Each guest will kaskas (shave) their own ice, select their own halo from an array of preserved kaong, sweet beans, macapuno, sago, sweet potatoes, sweet saba, etc. What about organizing one in the Nehtelands, Joel? I’m sure it will be a big hit!

    • Vikki

      @Mavic: We had our halo-halo party in Dubai last year (July 2010). It was a sure hit. Kaya lang sa sobrang dami ng sahog, umapaw sa lalagyan, LOL! We might do it again this year. Sobrang init na dito ngayon, 45 degrees Celsius!

  5. Liza

    Yum! Just looking at that picture makes me hungry. Thanks!

  6. that is one beautiful halo halo–not the kind I’m used to

  7. Yvonne Marie

    Halo-Halo!!! The GREATEST invention EVER! On one of those many, HOT, Manila days, I always looked forward to this refreshing dessert! How I miss the Philippines & all of its delicious sweets!

  8. Maraming salamat! Thanks for this interesting blog. The info about halo-halo it’s been useful for my book I’m writing about the Philippines. I tasted halo-halo there many times but didn’t know exactly the ingredients.
    Carles, from Barcelona

  9. Halo-halo -onolicious or ono mix with taro, sweet potato, young shredded coconut, sago or mochi balls, water melon, pineapple, cantaloupe, blueberries, top with rainbow sherbet and condensed milk.

  10. ….my husband and i really like this dessert. during summer here in australia i used to make it. so refreshing and delicious!…

  11. tishia

    sooo yummmy!!i really miss it!!

  12. I love halo halo, and my favourite ingredient is the leche flan. Just curious, why is it always ube ice cream on top of it, and not mango or vanilla? 😀

  13. Looks yummylicious! tasted few Pinoy restaurants here with their halo2x version, but nothing beats the real halo2x in PH… ^_^


    hmmmm …. yummy !
    credits to the owner 🙂 i used this pic. in my school project ! thanks :))

  15. Just got to try my first one here in Saipan! What a festive and delicious dessert! 🙂

  16. Sal Marcellana

    We had an ice cream shop and made halo-halo our featured product. Because we didn’t depart from the classic ingredients (a dozen) our product became a hit and was featured in The Sacramento Bee, the Sactown magazine as well as in Good Day Sacramenfo.

    We now just make our presence in the annual Filipino Fiesta (every 1st Sunday of June at the Rizal Community Center). We sold it as a parish fund-raiser ar yesterday 9/29/13 annual Parsh Festival (the Good Ahepherd Catholic Church, Elk Grive, CA) which was one if the favorites.

    We explain it’s a typical East-meets-West concoction with tropical ingredients below and shaved ice and ice cream (white Christmas) on top.

    It’s not only profitable but more so, quite fun to serve.

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