#71 Megamalls

When it comes to Megamalls, the Philippines or Metro Manila is not far behind. Filipinos are among the first Southeast Asians who are avid fans of megamall-styled shopping.

It could be the high temperatures in Manila that ensured the attraction and success of megamall complexes in the Philippines. Unlike the traditional shopping streets or districts, megamalls offer one-stop shopping, a wide choice of fast food shops, restaurants and other amusement facilities.

Since Filipinos generally tend to be sociable and gregarious by nature, the megamall complexes are the most convenient places to meet, relax or simply to spend some extra time. Hence, the megamall, unlike in the Western context,  is more than a place to shop but is also a place to be seen and see.

In the current list of  the world’s top 10 biggest megamalls,  two are in the Philippines– the Mall of Asia near Roxas Boulevard which is known as the world’s fourth biggest megamall and covers an area 407,101 square meters, and the SM North EDSA (8th biggest) which covers 331,679 square metres. Both malls have Olympic-size skating rinks and a complex of at least 10 movie theaters each.

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