#67 Tapsilog

Ask any true-blue Pinoy what a tapsilog (abbreviation for tapa, a tender, smoked beef jerky and itlog or egg) is and chances are (if he or she is not a vegetarian) the response would be wide-eyed craving for this mouth-watering breakfast meal.

Tapsilog is a filling meal popular in many fastfood restaurants across the Philippines. The tapa or beef jerkey is marinated in a salty-sweetish marinade, sliced in bits and deep-fried. Accompanied with steamed or fried rice and fried sunny-side up eggs, it is a favorite breakfast or lunch for many Filipinos.

 There are other variants of this egg-based meal such as longsilog (longganisa at itlog), but the original tapsilog remains a top-selling breakfast item.

Mabuhay ang tapsilog!

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  1. Raymond

    You’re missing the “si” in the tapsilog. It’s actually tapa-sinangag-itlog. Sinangag is filipino fried rice. Love the site.

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