# 179 Tinuy-an Falls

Tinuy-an Falls, Surigao

Tinuy-an Falls is a waterfall in Bislig City, Surigao del Sur in the southern Philippine island of Mindanao and is the city’s main tourist attraction.

The falls is approximately 55 metres (180 ft) high and touted as the Niagara Falls of the Philippines. Tinuy-an’s white water curtain flows in three levels and considered as one of the best waterfalls in the island because of its majestic and unique natural formation. Tinuy-an Falls’ fame has even caught interest outside the Philippines that a photo was once featured in the International Travel Magazine.

The falls magnificent cascades can be viewed in Borboanan, a one-hour ride from Mangagoy, Bislig’s commercial district. About 55 meters high and with a breathtaking width of 95 meters, it is said to be the widest in the country. The falls are also surrounded by centuries-old amazing giant trees, ferns and vines in a thick rainforest.  Visitors enjoy the islets in the swimming ground, where slippery logs are used for crossing to get a better view. Lucky visitors arriving at the right time can see a swath of rainbow that appears in the falls sometime between 9 to 11 a.m. (from Wikipedia).

Mabuhay ang Tinuy-an Falls!


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2 responses to “# 179 Tinuy-an Falls

  1. aloha jessa salazar canda

    tinuy an falls …..i was there….amazing

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