#79 Tinapang Galunggong

Tinapang galunggong (smoked Philippine mackerel) is a popular smoked fish that is available throughout the Philippines.

Philippine mackerel is also regarded in the country as the ‘poor man’s fish’ since it is one of the cheapest and most available fish regardless of the season. The price of galunggong or Philippine mackerel (like a kilo of rice) is also used as a barometer or measure of inflationary trends and the buying power of the average Filipino.

Deboned smoked Philippine mackerel is a delicious side dish when folded in paksoi (pechay) leaves and lightly steamed or used as filling for spring roll (lumpia) wrappers.

Bon appetit!


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3 responses to “#79 Tinapang Galunggong

  1. Donna


  2. Suzanne K.

    When are you serving?

    Great blog. Very interesting. One day take it to a publisher and sell you book!

  3. Oh, I like this fish. I found it frozen at the Pacific Super in Daly City, California. I have been keeping it in freezer for a week. Today I deep fry it mixed it with spicy chilly pepper. Delicious lunch with rice and broccoli. Unfortunately I don’t have cottage cheese, it must be suitable for lunch. Yeah this is the poor man fish suitable for my taste and reminding me with our folks in Indonesian Est Sumatran villages.

    Sjamsir Sjarif
    Santa Cruz, CA, USA

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