#133 Mais Con Yelo

Without a doubt, Filipinos has an enduring love affair with corn-  in all its forms, shapes and in whatever variety and taste.

One classic summer dessert is mais con yelo (Spanish for corn with ice) which is popularly served in many ice cream stores and as a dessert treat even in posh mainstream restaurants.

Spoonfuls of creamy grated corn are mixed with shaved ice and topped with a blob of vanilla ice cream to make one irresistible ice dessert. Often confused by foreigners with the classic halo-halo, mais con yelo is equally a wonderful dessert precisely due to its down-to-earth simplicity. If you want to evoke the pleasures of summer to Filipinos, you can start with mais con yelo, still a big dessert hit for the long hot summer months.

Just a mix of shave ice, creamy corn, milk and the ice topping, and viola! you have one yummy, mouth-watering treat.

Back to the love of corn among Filipinos. This love is even reflected in language. The slang for a sloppy joke is “corny”- a  corn-derived word. But don’t ask me why the corn is associated with unsuccessful jokes.

Bon appetit for Mais Con Yelo!


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2 responses to “#133 Mais Con Yelo

  1. Is the corn grated raw or after steaming or boiling?

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