#204 Philippine Deep

The world’s second deepest spot underwater is in the Philippines. Also known as the Philippine Deep or the Mindanao Trench, this spot is about 34,440 feet (10,497 meters) below the sea level.

The Philippine Deep is in the floor of the Philippine Sea. The German ship Emden first plumbed the trench in 1927. In comparison, the world’s deepest part of the ocean is the Marianas Trench, which is over 11,000 meters below the seal level.

The Philippine Trench is the result of a collision of tectonic plates. The Philippine Sea Plate is subducting under the Philippine Mobile Belt at the rate of about 16 cm per year (from Wikipedia).

Long live Philippine marine life!


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2 responses to “#204 Philippine Deep

  1. wow!!!!! Its a big honor for the philippines to be one of the deepest ocean… Im from mindanao,,,, thank you for this information,,, it gives me some idea to my report in school

  2. Thomas Bleichert

    Stands to reason why they have earthquakes and volcanism. I’m surprised it’s not more frequent than it is. I was in Eastern Samar at Jagnaya Beach just this summer and as I looked out over the Pacific Ocean I was thinking to myself that it’s not too far off shore from here where it drops down to 6 miles deep.

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