#181 Ambuklao Dam

The biggest rock-filled dam in Asia, the Ambuklao Hydroelectric Dam is considered one of the biggest engineering projects in the Cordillera region. Ambuklao Dam is also one of the first two dams constructed along Agno River (the other is Binga Dam) during the early 1950’s, and is known as the Philippines’ first hydroelectric plant.

Located in Bokod, Benguet province (northern Philippines), the dam’s hydraulic structure is nearly 100 meters high and is sited in the upstream section of the Agno River. The dam has a maximum water storage capacity of 327,170,000 m2 (3,521,628,571 sq ft). The dam generates 75 megawatts of electricity to the Luzon grid. The main source of water comes from the Agno River, the longest waterway in Luzon Island.

The dam is around 36 kilometres from Baguio City. From Baguio visitors can travel to Ambuklao Dam via the Ambuklao Road. The trip takes about three to four hours through rocky roads with dizzying views of rugged mountainsides seen from abrupt drops and breath-taking cliff edges.

Mabuhay ang Ambuklao Dam!

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