#182 Choc Nut

Choc Nut

Who would ever forget Choc Nut, the popular, iconic candy that generations of sweet-toothed Pinoy kids remember as their reward for good conduct and behaviour?

Choc Nut is the brand name of a candy made up of crushed peanuts, milk, cane sugar and cocoa powder. Not as sophisticated as imported chocolate candies, this humble ‘choco’ like candy is much loved by Filipinos that even some Asian stores in various countries still have Choc Nuts on their shelves. Filipino expats are known to buy them in bags in Manila to take back to their ‘foreign’ homes as pasalubong (homecoming gifts).

Crumbly in texture with a very sweet peanut taste, indulging on this candy brings back sweet memories of childhood back in the Philippines before the entry of Mars, Kisses and M&M chocolates. The wrapper remains recognisable and looks almost the same as 30-plus years ago with its distinctive red-white stripes and the Choc Nut logo.

Mabuhay ang Choc Nut!


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5 responses to “#182 Choc Nut

  1. Choc Nut! Forget Hershey’s. Forget Ghirardelli. Forget Godiva. Choc Nut is still my favorite. I always have a stash in our pantry.

  2. chocochaser

    childhood ♥
    i miss buying this for recess when i was in elementary P:

  3. Sansan

    Mabuhay ang Chocnut!! Masarap magmahal Pag meron Chocnut

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