#17 Pan de sal

Pan de sal is the Filipino’s favorite breakfast buns that many generations of Filipinos were raised on this crusty bread. Philippine cultural anthropolgists say that although the name pan de sal is Spanish in origin, this bread roll was actually introduced to the Philippines in the 16th century by the Portuguese.

Pan de sal is traditionally served for breakfast with butter, cheese, scrambled eggs, jams, jellies or coconut jam. Best served right off the oven, its crusty top conceals a puffy and tasty interior.

Even a day-old pan de sal can be tastefully recycled by smearing it with globs of butter for toasting, eventually topped with one’s choice of accompaniments such as chopped sausage or corned beef.  Fresh pan de sal is also perfect with a cup of hot, steaming chocolate. Yummy!

Mabuhay ang pan de sal!


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2 responses to “#17 Pan de sal

  1. Bob Jacobs

    you did not mention yet babingka. Please do a paragragh or two on that very Filipino dulce. Bob

  2. I can gobble eight of them. Isawsaw sa kape habang nakataas ang paa , at nakatanaw sa bintana ng bahay naming gawa sa pawid, Sabayan pa ng kwento ni Tatay habang inaantay ang pagdating ni Nanay galing sa palengke. Ang sarap maging bata ulit !

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