#248 Manila Central Post Office

The Manila Central Post Office is the central post office of the city of Manila, Philippines. It is the head office of the Philippine Postal Corporation, and houses the country’s main mail sorting-distribution operations.

Designed by Filipino architect Juan Marcos de Guzman Arellano, the post office building was built in neoclassical architecture in 1926. t was severely damaged in World War II, and rebuilt in 1946 preserving most of its original design.

It is located in the Intramuros district of the city, at the bank of the Pasig River. The front of the building faces the Liwasang Bonifacio plaza (now known as Plaza Lawton). The Manila Post Office Building form part of the modernisation of the heart of Manila during the American period where the emphasis is on monumental building styles. (Source: Wikipedia)

Mabuhay ang Manila Central Post Office building!


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2 responses to “#248 Manila Central Post Office

  1. iyenne

    to whom it may concern, i sent a small package here in canada post to philippines,they said it will get there 6 to 10 business days, but now its over one month my family didnt get my package for them, i’m so worried now for my package, some filipino people here told me that my package got stolen now. please help me about this. i hope they are wrong..

    • Hello Iyenne,

      I hope I really can help. But I had a similar problem in the past. If you haven’t registered it, there is little chance that you can trace it or file a claim, and this is based on my experience with Postal offices. If you have sent it by registered post, perhaps you can still wait for a few days. Try to follow it up with your local post office. Hope this helps and good luck.

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