#2 Barong Tagalog

Barong Tagalog or “dress/shirt” of the Tagalogs-  the Tagalogs being the generic name for the ethnic tribes living in the lowlands of central and southern Luzon Island.

Although this attire may be a tad ethno-centric that reflects the bias towards the Tagalog-speaking population in the Philippines, this shirt/dress has evolved from the country’s colonial Spanish past to become one of the most enduring Philippine icons.

Materials range from cotton, polyester to the more expensive imported and native silks such as the handmade jusi and pina fibers. Only the wearer’s imagination and taste set the limit regarding the tailoring and embroidery of the barong Tagalog.

Corrupt government officials and Pinoy movie stars are fond of attiring themselves with the barong Tagalog when receiving bribes and film awards.

Thus, the barong Tagalog  can provide both effective cover or render a certain air of decency and cosmetic distraction to  the eye of the beholders. In other words, this is the Pinoy version of  “dress to impress.” 

Try one and you will see that the finest barong Tagalog is a perfect, albeit stylish match to the tropical heat.


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6 responses to “#2 Barong Tagalog

  1. Donna

    ‘yoko nga mag try – pagkamalan akong corrupt ay:-)
    Nice blog, thumbs up Joel!

  2. donna

    no ka ba…gumamit ng barong tagalog asawa noong kasal namin ha..pero you are right, mukha nga siyang “puting politiko”..ha..ha..ha..pero di corrupt ha..

  3. steve

    The “Barong” is a great symbol of Filipino ingenuity. Wala itong kaparis maski saang lupalop ng mundo. Actually, a lot of foreigners love it. I talked to a white guy at church one time – he was wearing barong – and told me that he loves it and have an entire closet of barong of different designs and makes. ‘you know what?!? He’s not married to a Filipina.

    Also, alot of our white brothers here in Virginia love wearing the barong with the “square and compass” design.

  4. While I like seeing not just our fellow kababayans don the barong tagalog…I got to point though that its also a merciless piece of clothing…

    try having a beer belly while wearing the barong…clarong-claro…LOL

  5. malapit nku mkapag suot ulit ng barong
    sa march 17 2012 kasal ng kapatid ko
    alright so excited..

  6. Good looking barongs. I’m going to wear one soon in Bangkok.

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