#280 Philippine Tabloids

Love it or hate it, Philippine tabloids are not only a source of (mostly trivial or banal) information but also serves as entertainment for sensation-loving Pinoys.

The rise of the tabloids reached a pitched level in the 1970s and 1980s when the Marcos dictatorship repressed press freedom and which resulted to a more entertaining type of journalism, also known as sensational or ‘yellow journalism.’ From daily reports of murders, sex lives of celebrities to showbiz scandals, Philippine tabloids were given a free  reign on the reporting of  ‘yellow’ news to the detriment of more informative or politically insightful news and information.

Today, Philippine tabloids continue to rake in money but has  found competition in other forms of mass media such as the Internet. Still, the tabloids rule the streets with their stories of gore and raunchy glitz, often reflecting the underbelly of Philippine society. At  day’s end tabloids also serve or live a second life, often recycled as wrappers for dried fish (tuyo, dilis). 

Long live genuine Philippine journalism!

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