#339 Pirurutong Rice

Uncooked pirurutong rice (above) and the cooked pirurutong suman or rice cake


Pirurutong rice is a purple-brown aromatic rice which is often used in many rice cakes due to its soft and glutinous consistency when cooked.

Pirurutong can also be ground into a flour, which is then used in making the Christmas rice cakes called “puto bungbong” (although many puto bungbong makers nowadays use regular rice flour with artificial purple coloring).

Suman na pirurutong (pirurutong rice cake) is cooked ‘biko’ style which is basically steaming the pirurutong rice mixed with undiluted coconut cream and later topped with coco jam.

Depending on the region or the cook, there are several versions of the pirurutong suman with some cooks using crushed ginger to flavor the steamed rice or squeezing a few drops of kalamansi (Philippine lemon) to add a zesty taste to the rice cake.

Bon appétit!


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2 responses to “#339 Pirurutong Rice

  1. luisa

    your blog is always full of surprises, joel! 🙂

  2. gerry

    the spelling is PARIRUTONG in Quezon

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