#190 Sukang Paombong

A range of Sukang Paombong from various brands

Sukang paombong is a type of palm vinegar made in Paombong town in Bulacan, northern Philippines.

This vinegar is cloudy-white in color but turns darker as it ages. It tastes less sour than other types of vinegar produced in the Philippines. Palm vinegar is made from the fermented sap of flower clusters of the nipa palm (also called attap palm) which grows all over the country.

Sukang paombong is also  a popular dip for fried fish, chicken, seafood and chicharon or pork rind crispies. It is also used in vegetable soup or paksiw, a sour Pinoy stew made of chicken or fish.

Long live Pinoy cooking!

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  1. I love the smell of sukang paombong!

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