#275 Pancit Molo

Pancit molo or the Filipino´s version of wanton soup, is a “noodle-less” pancit (noodles) dish from Iloilo´s Molo district. This soup has a distinct Chinese influence with it’s wonton like Molo balls made with ground pork, chicken, shrimps and vegetables seasoned and wrapped in Molo wrapper. The soup is served in chicken broth with chicken strips.

One of the simplest, most popular and delicious soups in traditional Filipino cooking, pancit molo is easy to prepare with dumplings and meat broth. It is similar to siomai soup, except that the dumplings in pancit molo are not steamed but cooked in the broth itself.

There are several versions for making pancit molo, just as there are several versions for making siomai. Some add minced shrimp to the filling, while others add whole shrimps to the broth. Another way to prepare pancit molo is by adding chopped chicken meat to the broth.

Bon appétit!


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2 responses to “#275 Pancit Molo

  1. One thing, if you could just give the history about each food and tradition this website would be great.

    • Thanks for visiting. Comment is appreciated but this blog doesn’t focus on food alone but on Philippine culture and traditions in general. Besides, this is a one-man blog effort which requires a daily update. You can imagine the demands 🙂

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