#227 Bayan Ko

Bayan Ko (My Country) is one of the most recognizable patriotic songs in the Philippines that, because of its popularity, is sometimes assumed to be a folk song and the unofficial national anthem of the Philippines. It was originally written as a poem by José Corazón de Jesús in 1929, and set to music by Constancio de Guzman.

Written as a protest song during the American occupation of the Philippines, it is often sung in protest rallies and demonstrations throughout Philippine history, notably during the funeral of Sen. Benigno Aquino, Jr. and the ensuing People Power Revolution of 1986 where Freddie Aguilar led the crowd to sing the song’s chorus.

Due to the song being used against the Marcos dictatorship, the Martial Law era saw the banning of most public performances of the piece; anyone who dared to sing or play it in public was deemed a dissident and could potentially have been incarcerated.

The song has also been re-arranged and recorded by different composers and singers, notably by Lucio San Pedro (National Artist for music) and Freddie Aguilar. Aguilar’s cover is one of the most famous renditions of the song; an often overlooked detail is that the instrumental section of this version is actually another Filipino patriotic hymn: Pilipinas Kong Mahal. (From: Wikipedia)

Long live Philippine music!

Link to Freddie Aguilar’s version at YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtLWCY8O0us&feature=related


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3 responses to “#227 Bayan Ko

  1. “Ibon man may layang lumipad; kulungin mo at umiiyak; bayan pa kayang sakdal dilag; ang ‘di magnasang makaalpas……..” (I’m singing with my outstretched clenched fist.)

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  3. akasi mendel

    It was Felipe Padilla de Leon, another National Artist for Music, who made a popular arrangment of this, not San Pedro. The version of Freddie Aguilar is not in accordance with the original score composed by Constancio de Guzman in 1928, not 1929.

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