#151 Sariaya Ancestral Houses


The Art Deco-styled Governor Natalio Enriquez ancestral house in Sariaya

Similar to the Mestizo district in Vigan, Sariaya in Quezon province (Luzon, northern Philippines) is synonymous with beautiful ancestral houses that define the elite and affluent centre of the town in the pre war years (from Waypoint).

But unlike in Vigan where older Spanish colonial houses were preserved, Sariaya’s architectural gems are from the Art Deco period (early 1900s), a latter period where few building examples exist due to the devastation during World War 2.

An example from Sariaya’s Art Deco ancestral houses is the eye-catching and brick-roofed Sariaya landmark near the church, known as the Governor Natalio Enriquez Ancestral House designed by European schooled architect Andres Luna de San Pedro, the son of the artist Juan Luna. It was built in 1931 for then Tayabas Provincial Governor Natalio Enriquez (1941 – 1945) and his wife Susana Gala.  The house was a venue for fabulous high society gatherings in pre-war Sariaya, and was listed by the National Historical Institute as a Heritage House on May 2008.

Sariaya’s fabulous ancestral houses defined an era of affluence in the Philippines (early 1900s) when the characteristic old Filipino-Spanish architecture was renovated by rich owners and transformed with foreign influences like the then Art-Deco style. Other houses of note in Sariaya are the ancestral houses of Donya Carmen Rodriguez Arguelles, Enriquez-Gala, Don Catalino Rodriquez, Juanito Rodriguez and Francisco Rodriguez.

Mabuhay ang Sariaya Ancestral Houses!


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2 responses to “#151 Sariaya Ancestral Houses

  1. crestia

    i have photos of these…it makes such an impression every single time we pass by on our travels from bicol to manila. one of the best features of the road trip. =) btw – i so love your site! woot woot to our beloved country. we have so much to be proud of and you’ve done a great job at showcasing them here! kudos to you!

    • Hello Crestia,
      Thanks for visiting 365GPS, Crestia. Indeed our country has more to offer than we think. I hope you’ll continue reading and spread the word. Cheers, Joel

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