#289 Great Sta. Cruz Island

Great Sta. Cruz Island (to distinguish from Little Sta. Cruz Island) in Zamboanga province, Mindanao, southern Philippines, is best known for its pinkish sand beach. The unique color hue comes from coral bits washed up from the sea bottom.

On the island is a fishing village, a lagoon, and an old Muslim burial ground. Characterised by extensive and varied aquatic life, coral heads and rocks support a wide array of tropical fish. The island is ideal for swimming, skin/scuba diving, beachcombing, and sunbathing.

Facilities on the island include dressing rooms, toilets, picnic sheds, and cooking areas. As  a coral island, drinking water is not readily available in the island, and visitors are advised to take along drinking water and food. Wearing canvas or plastic shoes/slippers to protect the feet from sharp rocks and coral shards are also recommended.

Sta. Cruz Island is located some 15 minutes away, by an outrigger, motorised boad, from either the Lantaka Hotel or the Golf course beach in Zamboanga. It is only about 4 kilometers from the Zamboanga mainland. There are minimal entrance fees to the island.

Mabuhay ang Great Sta. Cruz Island!


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3 responses to “#289 Great Sta. Cruz Island

  1. beautiful photo–I’d love to go back there one day. haven’t been since I was 9 years old.

  2. weeee!!! merong from zamboanga!!! i’ve been there several times already pero di pa rin ako ngsasawa… i just hope they wont turn it into a commercial place (it was already turned over to local govt and i think they’re eyeing to develop the place to attract tourists…)

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