#187 Katuray

Katuray, (pronounced as ‘Kah-too-rye’, botanical name Sesbania grandiflora Linn.) also known as the West Indian Pea, is a tree that grows to about 5 to 12 meters high. In the Philippines, various parts of the tree serve a wide variety of uses as vegetable, medicine or key ingredients in herbal creams and poultices.

The flowers are white and in the Philippines the bark, root, flowers serve a variety of uses. In folkloric medicine, the juice of the root is mixed with honey as an expectorant, and juice of leaves and flowers are used to cure nasal catarrh and headaches.

In Ayurveda, fruits are used for anaemia, bronchitis, fever, tumours and the flowers for gout and bronchitis, amongst others. The flowers are also edible and are often used as salad ingredients. The flowers makes a delectable side dish with bagoong (fermented fish or shrimp sauce) and tomatoes.

Bon appétit!

*Don’t eat the tree, only the flower  🙂


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4 responses to “#187 Katuray

  1. luisa

    so this is how katuray flowers look like! thanks!

  2. ooohhh…so this is the controversial bulaklak ng katuray 😀

  3. chocochaser

    haha i remembered ♥
    me and my neighbors decided to pick the flowers of the tree in our compound and decided to eat lunch using the banana leaves as our plates in the backyard ♥

  4. may gamot ako ginawa pero di maganda ang amoy anong ilalagay kong aroma .gusto ko ng sagot don

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