#217 Kibungan, Benguet

Kibungan is well known in the province of Benguet as the town with unique grand mountains that are said to resemble or recall the rugged beauty of mountains in Switzerland.

Whether the comparison is accurate or not, Kibugan’s natural beauty can stand on its own with its deep ravines and cliffs that separate or isolate many of the sleepy and picturesque villages in this rugged part of Benguet.

Visitors to Kibungan (located some 62 kilometres north of Baguio City) can enjoy panoramic views of hills, forest-clad valleys, verdant plateaus, all within a cool highland mountainous zone with elevations at more than 2,500 meters above sea level.

During the coolest months in December and January, the village of Madaymen for instance experiences chilling temperature of zero degrees Celsius causing the famous ‘Frost of Madaymen.’ Although the current El Nino weather phenomenon or the changing global climate may yet change that there are other points of interest in Kibungan such as centuries-old rice terraces and the Mayos River.

Mabuhay ang Kibungan!

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