#59 San Miguel Beer

San Miguel Beer is the Philippines’ best known beer and has an iconic status in the country similar to Coca-Cola’s and the jeepney.

Produced by one of the country’s oldest food manufacturing company, San Miguel Beer is one of the few products that one can find even in the remotest corners of the country, from high up in mountain villages in northern Philippines and to nearly uninhabited island groups down south in Mindanao Island.

The largest beer producer in the Philippines with a 95% market share, the original San Miguel Brewery was founded in 1890 in Manila and later renamed as the San Miguel Corporation (SMC) in 1963. Since then  the SMC  has grown into one of the Philippines’ largest business conglomerates with interests in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, food, packaging, power, oil and telecommunications

Iconic as the barong Tagalog and jeepney, the price of a bottle of San Miguel Beer is often used by the country’s economists and politicians to measure buying power and inflationary trends.

But for the rest of Filipinos San Miguel Beer is a good-tasting light beer to share with friends for easy relaxation and forget the day’s worries and cares.

Mabuhay ang San Miguel Beer!

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  1. i’d thought san miguel made by spanish… dooh

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