#85 Arnis

Arnis and eskrima are the most common among the many names often used in the Philippines today to refer to martial arts that involve the use of sticks. Eskrima or escrima (from the Spanish esgrima or fencing) refers to a class of Filipino martial arts that emphasize weapon-based fighting with the stick, staff or knife.

Common usage include kali and arnis. In arnis de mano the most basic and common weapon is the stick or yantok (rattan vine). Yantok is hard and durable yet lightweight, and it shreds under only the worst abuse and will not splinter like other woods do – thus making it a safe training tool.

The basic defense techniques in arnis may look deceptively simple but it takes years to master the movements for the arnis sporter to effectively defend himself or thwart an experienced attacker. There are some variants of the arnis such as the Garimot arnis and the rapid arnis, the latter developed by two European arnis masters in 1993.

Mabuhay and arnis!


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2 responses to “#85 Arnis

  1. Arnis / Escrima has some of the best universal training drills that develops skills that are easily crossed over to other systems

  2. Arnis is a real national treasure and I’m happy to be one of the people with direct acces to this treasure 🙂

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