#201 Camiguin Island

Camiguin Island

Camiguin Island off Mindanao in southern Philippines deserves a listing of its own as this is one island that features almost all the prime destinations and attractions that a traveller would wish for–  white beaches, volcanoes, the sweetest lanzones in the country, ancestral houses, waterfalls, hot springs…Camiguin has it.

The island itself has seven volcanoes with the 1,250-meter Mt. Hibok-Hibok being the most popular and the only active volcano in the island. Dubbed as the ‘Garden of Eden,” Camiguin boasts some of the Philippines’s most beautiful beaches. A favorite sandy beach is Agohay Beach, located around seven kilometers from Agoho in Mambajao.

Lanzones is a top-selling produce of Camiguin with the island staging in October the annual two-day Lanzones Festival, a grand display of agricultural products, ending with a grand parade of the lanzones. The island has numerous waterfalls, Katibawasan Falls being one of the most famous and accessible, with a 160-meter drop of a slender stream of water. A shallow basin with its icy cold water is surrounded by a primeval tableaux of wild ferns, trees and giant boulders.

Mabuhay ang Camiguin!


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3 responses to “#201 Camiguin Island

  1. Beautiful place, I’d like to take a walk around the woods under the volcano and view the waterfalls then spend the afternoon lying on that gorgeous beach. You are so lucky to live there.

  2. One of the great places to visit in Camiguin is their famous white island. A white sand island, non accessible by land travel, just a few kilometers of the main island.

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